Awakening the Heart of Humanity – 2nd Edition Hardcover

Less than 2000 copies left in print!

A full color hardcover book of my words and art, made from my heart to yours. This beautiful edition is made with the highest quality materials, thick matte pages with stunning oil paintings, photographs, and words that move your soul. 

This is a book you can read in one or two sittings, or savor slowly... leave on your coffee table as an art piece or take with you to the park... and you may find yourself flipping back to its messages time and time again, whenever you want to connect with your heart and remember the magic that you are. 


This is a journey into remembering who you are and why you’re here.

This book is a capsule, capturing the energy of this unprecedented time of global awakening… a tribute, honoring the tremendous strength and beauty of the human spirit… and an activation for the soul, as we create the golden age of the new earth.

With words and art that speak to your soul, these pages hold a vision for humanity’s ascension and the key to awakening your heart to all the magic that you are.



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