I am here to help people follow their heart's call.

I pour my heart into my art, words, and every life I touch - guiding people to create the most joyful expression of who they are.

We can all create a life of our wildest dreams, and in the process, light up the world.

I began my career on Facebook’s early marketing team. Since then, I launched a creative agency and lifestyle brand with Randi Zuckerberg and served as Chief of Staff to the CEO at a tech company.

Though these were dream jobs in many ways, I ended up burnt out and unfulfilled. I realized I’d been sprinting through life – driven by achievement, my ego, and an intense hunger for purpose. I lost my connection to my heart and intuition.

So I left Silicon Valley to travel the world...

My trip took me all over the map – to Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Cape Town, Bali, and Western Australia… But of course, the greatest journey was within.

It opened my eyes to a new way of living - in joyful alignment with my heart. And nothing less. 

This led me to painting and writing, helping people reconnect with their soul and the beauty of life. I also created Covival, a blog and grounded spiritual community for living from the heart.

My mission is to hold my light so others can also find theirs and shine. 

I coach and advise people in stepping into their power, owning their vision, and creating their dreams through the path of joy and flow. I also provide business consulting and mindset advisory to executives and entrepreneurs.