"Show me the power of my heart, and I will teach the world."

This was the intention I set in 2017 when I began my journey back to my heart… Little did I know, one magical revelation after another would lead me to a place beyond anything I could conceive.

At the time, I had just left my thriving career in Silicon Valley to travel the world. Burnt out and unfulfilled, I realized I’d been sprinting through life – driven by achievement, my ego, and an intense hunger for purpose.

My trip took me all over the map – to Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Cape Town, Bali, and Western Australia… But of course, the greatest journey was within.

It opened my eyes to a new way of living – in joyful alignment with my heart. And when I started to follow my inner voice, I discovered the undeniable force of a magical universe that is constantly creating through me.

I spent the past few years painting, writing, and coaching – helping people reconnect with their soul and the beauty of life. I also created Covival, a blog on awakening.

In 2021, I published my first book, Awakening the Heart of Humanity. It is a tribute to this unprecedented time of global awakening, an activation for the soul.

I now live in Australia with my partner Joel. We share video conversations on the ascension journey on Instagram: @theinnerawakening. We hope to assist people during these times to free themselves and live from the heart. Our YouTube channel is called Ashmi & Joel — The Inner Awakening.

Joel and I are also building a heart temple and retreat centre in the forests of Denmark, Western Australia. It will be a magical gathering space, for people to connect with each other and their heart. You are welcome to visit when it opens!