October 13: Channeling Your Spirit Babies ~ Online Ceremony ~ 2 Hour Special

DATE: October 13 at 10am London time (GMT+1), 5pm Perth time


Joel and I have experienced the most powerful and physically tangible energy of unconditional love when we connect with the souls of our future children. This is our favorite way of connecting with Source and seeing ourselves, and each other, through the eyes of unconditional love.

It is possible to connect with the souls of your future children, just as it is possible to connect with the souls of your loved ones (here or departed). It is also powerful to connect with the higher self of your existing children, loved ones, and people in your life – for clarity, healing, and messages. The process is the exact same – and so, even if you are not having children in this lifetime or you already have children, you can still tune into this ceremony and use it to connect with Source, unconditional love, your loved ones, spirit babies in other dimensions, or even your children in other lifetimes.

It is also a powerful ceremony for those interested in having children, whether you're actively conceiving or years away from that. The messages, comfort, joy, and excitement pouring through from these spirit babies are incredible and have brought us to tears and goosebumps every time. 

The link to the recording will be sent out afterward to all, if you cannot make it live.

Format: 2 hour video
Guided ceremony/meditation: 45 minutes
Open sharing and Q&A: ~75 minutes 

There is a sliding scale for tickets. Choose the amount you feel called to give. Your support will go toward my writing and creations for humanity, and it is appreciated from the bottom of my heart! ♥️

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