Awakening the Heart of Humanity: The Audiobook Experience

This is the audiobook version of my book, Awakening the Heart of Humanity, spoken in my voice.

I wanted this version of the book to carry the same energy and essence as my hardcover book. And so, I chose to read it in my voice, with love — infusing my own energy into every word.

The audiobook version has 2 bonus tracks: an opening meditation by me, to allow you to drop into your heart and fully receive the book, as well as a mini closing guided ceremony to allow your intentions and love to ripple out into your life… and into the world.

There is light frequency healing music (binaural beats) playing in the background of the spoken reading of the book, as this book is not just for the mind to absorb — it is a full-body experience for the heart to receive.

By purchasing this audiobook, you agree to the following:

  • This is a digital product. Once purchased, refunds are not available.
  • Please honor that this is a creation that took countless hours and love, as an artist, to bring to life. You can listen to it with your family, but please encourage your friends to purchase their own copy by sharing this website link. Your support means the world to me and allows me to keep creating and sharing from the heart!
  • Please do not distribute or resell this audiobook in any format.


1) Welcome & Opening Meditation
2) Awakening the Heart of Humanity: The Book
3) Thank You & Closing Ceremony

Read by: Ashmi Pathela

Mixed and mastered by: Dahr

A massive thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dahr (@dahrishere) for supporting me every step of the way and working your audio magic to create the highest quality sound experience. Thank you for this generous gift from your heart!

You can listen to his music and soundscapes on Spotify here


© 2023 Ashmi Pathela. All rights reserved.

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