For those who want to live freely, aligned with their soul, and THRIVE… this is a 10-week (self-guided) energetic activation to support you in trusting your path and seeing how good this life can be when you live as the most joyful expression of who you are.

This journey is for you if…

You are yearning to create a life doing what you love, but you’re tired of the old models of hustling, forcing, and overthinking

You feel suffocated by the old ways, but not fully trusting if what you want to do is practical or can support you financially.

You are sick of see-sawing between hope and fear, excitement and self-doubt… and you want to break the cycle.

You feel stuck trying to figure it out and want to feel the momentum, ease, trust, and flow that others speak of.

You are afraid of being seen and judged, but at the same time, you deeply want to shine your light and show up in this world AS YOU.

You might also feel like...

You aren’t sure exactly what it is you’re meant to do — it may feel like it keeps changing, or you don’t see an example of what will truly light you up out there in the world today.

You are worried that following your heart and creating something may lead to exhaustion and burnout — the same thing that scarred you before.

You keep doubting if you have anything special to offer, if your gifts or creations are valuable to the world, and whether you can really make a difference.

You want to do what you love, help others, and share your heart, but you don’t resonate with the conventional ways of doing business, selling, and hustling.


When I first started off on this journey, I kept asking myself the same… “Is it possible to actually create a life doing what I love? Is it possible for me to simply be ME in this world, in my fullest expression — and thrive?”

I deeply wanted to build a life that felt seamless with who I am, but I felt paralyzed by my doubts. For ages, I felt like I was in a limbo space – one foot stuck in the old world, and one foot reaching out into the abyss... see-sawing between hope and fear.
I didn’t know when (or if) I would ever be free of that endless cycle of doubt. I didn’t even know what exactly I wanted to do, but I knew it couldn’t be found in the conventions of the world.

With each shaky step, I walked into the abyss — and I found my trust. My joy. My freedom. I found that it IS possible to create a life doing what I love — not only as a passion project or hobby, but to BE the fullest expression of who I am.

The new way is also calling you for a reason, because it is your birthright. You feel suffocated by the ways of the world because you are here to taste a new way. A new way of ease, fulfillment, and possibility — this is what you came here to experience, and so much more.
This course holds everything I learned along the way — everything I wish I knew when I started: the mindset shifts, energetics, inner alchemy, and practical steps that most powerfully helped me trust the new and create a life that allows me to be ME.

This is NOT a business course, or any typical course.
Part-workshop, part-ceremony, part-energetic upgrade...
This is about breaking the old models of hustle, struggle, and limitation — and opening up to a new way of BEING:

Freeing yourself so you can live with:
— Ease, flow, and synchronicity
— Trusting you are guided in each present moment
— Allowing yourself to receive and be supported
— Navigating life through the heart and not the mind
— Knowing you ARE your universe, and you are limitless
This is a seed I’m planting, about a new way of living — in alignment with your heart and soul… how it is possible to thrive doing what you love… how the energy of your highest joy can shift your life and ripple out into the world…

This is just a taste of a new way — one I didn’t fully believe was possible myself. But now, I know it is the pathway forward. I know it is possible, for anyone who desires it – and it can be even better than anything you can imagine.

This is an energetic invitation to step into the New Earth way of creating and thriving AS your soul so you can fly free.
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These modules are built to deeply support you ~ so you can do them at your own pace. The intention is for you to relax and RECEIVE inspiration, clarity, and ease... to get out of the mental overwhelm and into the infinite space of the heart.

Format: 10 Modules + Bonus Q&As

Each module contains: 2 videos (Workshop + Guided CEREMONY), plus bonuses:

— An activating video / talk
— A pre-recorded guided ceremony tailored to the module topic, to help shift fears/blocks, clear your energy, open you up to receiving clarity and guidance, and call in your highest timeline
— A frequency healing meditation + journal prompts
— My writing and messages on the topic to help you reflect and activate

Here’s a peek into the module topics:

— Opening up to the possibility
— Facing your fears and taking the leap
— Throwing the rules out the window
— Navigating the limbo space & building trust
— Channeling your heart’s creations
— Upgrading money and your abundance mindset (+ Bonus Training: How to price + sell your offerings)
— Sharing your creations with the world (+ Bonus Training on social media: being seen, sharing your heart, + community growth)
— Amplifying your manifestations
— Leaning into expansion
— The New Earth of limitless possibility
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What can you expect?

With anything in life, it is up to you how deep you go… how much you want to soak in these words, ceremonies, meditations, and reflections.

At the same time, I know that by simply showing up, you are opening up to new timelines of possibility and momentum — and there is so much magic here supporting you to shift your life.

How much you use this course as a catalyst is up to you. But here are some things you can expect:

>> To feel more trust and excitement about your path, gifts, and future
>> To give yourself permission to create in a way that feels easeful and exciting for you (breaking the old paradigms of sacrifice, hustle, and struggle)
>> To learn how to navigate the doubts and fears that come up and shift your thinking from limitation to possibility
>> To see yourself more fully and clearly, with deeper love and awareness
>> To see and validate your unique essence, gifts, and role here in this life
>> To deepen your connection to your soul, inner guidance, and wisdom
>> To expand your capacity to receive abundance and open up to more ways to support yourself as you follow your heart
>> To step into the flow of inspired action, inspiration, synchronicities, and opportunities
>> To share your heart’s creations with more conviction, excitement, authenticity, and ease
>> To get clearer on your vision for your life, call in your dreams, and anchor how you want to feel
>> To find the courage to keep choosing you, be seen, and expand
>> To let go of the chasing and “not enough-ness” and feel like you have arrived at home in your heart


Details on Each Module



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For all testimonials, please see the "Course" Story Highlights on my Instagram profile. Some snippets below...

"I can honestly say this course has changed my life in such a short time. I had been searching for something like this but had no luck with other courses/teachers out there. Ashmi goes to depths in this course that nobody else does, and her radiant energy pours through each lesson which is healing in itself."

"I met the love of my life after clearing fears using your course, we are now engaged. Long term health conditions have almost vanished! And I have been able to comfortably travel, I never thought this reality was possible for me! You and your teachings are what I was searching for, for over a decade, and within a year, my life has completely uplevelled. I can't articulate how much your course and your energy has helped me in my darkest hour. To anyone thinking of enrolling, it was the best investment I've ever made, and the universe rewarded me a million fold."

"I know I said this before but your course is priceless. Within a matter of months I have shifted my whole world, internally and externally."

"This course is healing. Thank you for adding another Q&A, the modules keep getting better and better!!! There is so much wisdom and beauty in your words. When I re-listen to each module, I hear new things and deeper wisdom! I want to absorb it all. Your course should be taught to everyone on this planet, what a beautiful planet it would be!"

"I've only done the first module and wow my life has changed already... Within two weeks I saw my dream job role advertised. Not only is it completely algined people but it's very flexible, I can work from anywhere and it's just everything I dreamed of but until now didn't think I would actually be able to do. Then within a week I got the job!! I almost can't believe this is my new reality, and I think what's really cool about moving into this next big shift for me is believing my dreams can become my reality."

"I LOVE this course! You are showing us new ways of being and living with so much joy and freedom!! And that is priceless!!!!"

"Through the information and energetic work that this course offers I can say it has helped give me the most amazing gift I could ever receive - I am starting to feel safe in my body and life for the first time. This course has helped me shift into knowing that my dream life is not only possible, but it is happening now."

"I just finished module 4 and I've been feeling like I'm remembering the future... if that makes sense at all! I have so much more trust in my path already and know your course is playing a key role in this other-worldy remembering."

"After the first module, I felt an expansion and opening of my heart space. Just your voice had me in some kind of ascension energy."

"Ashmi, I just finished the ceremony in module 10 and WOW, I have no words! It was an experience unlike anything I've had before! I felt so many sensations in my body and completely supported by my higher self!"


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What if I’m busy the next few months and don’t have time to do it?

The course is fully self-guided, so you can do it at your own pace and fit it into your life when you are ready to dive into the journey. Once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access, so you can “start” your journey whenever you want.

What if I don’t want to build my own business? Can I still get a lot out of the course?

Yes! This isn’t a business course — it is a course to help you call in the life of your dreams, however that looks to you! It focuses on mindset, energetic shifts, and anchoring the New Earth paradigm of possibility, ease, and freedom. I do share insights, tips, and bonus trainings on building a business and sharing your heart with the world — but the energetics and core messages can be applied to thriving in all aspects of your life.

What if the course isn’t right for me; can I get a refund?

I think this course is amazing, and it is life-changing the deeper you allow yourself to dive in. It takes a massive energetic shift to let go of the old ways, the overthinking mind, the lack and limitations… and this is why doing both the workshops and ceremonies in every module is powerful — to allow yourself to fully integrate, adjust your nervous system, reprogram your subconscious, and more. I would give it my all and try the first 2 modules (workshop, ceremony, meditation, and journal prompts). However, if you’re not fully feeling it after doing 2 modules, you can request a refund within 2 weeks of purchase. Afterwards, you will no longer have access to the course.

I still have questions!

Feel free to email me at or DM me @ashmi.path