A New Earth: Calling in a New Template of Freedom ~ Guided Ceremony: Watch the Recording

For the FIRST ceremony of the year, we will tune into the frequency of the new earth, let go of the old tethers, and call in the highest template of freedom and limitlessness for our life and the world. 

A ceremonial ritual and energetic journey for:

— Letting go of the final tethers to the old ways
— Letting go of the fear of the unknown
— Letting go of lack and scarcity mindsets
— Freeing ourselves from the cycle of worrying
— Shattering limitations and opening up to what is possible
— Tuning into the energy of the new earth
— Anchoring our highest visions for the year ahead and beyond

We will connect with our hearts and open up to receiving messages and guidance from our higher self and the higher aspects of our soul in other dimensions.

Format: 1.5 hour video
Guided ceremony/meditation: 45 minutes
Open sharing and Q&A: 45 minutes 

There is a sliding scale for tickets. Choose the amount you feel called to give. Your support will go toward my writing and creations for humanity, and it is appreciated from the bottom of my heart! If you choose to donate more, your contribution will go towards allowing more people to sign up at a lower price, who may otherwise not be able to attend. ♥️

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