I know how it feels. I spent years:

Paralyzed in cycles of self-doubt

★ Suffocated by a career that no longer resonated with me, but unable to trust myself enough to make a change

★ Knowing I have massive potential but not knowing how to access it

Chasing secondary dreams and settling, all while knowing I was just prolonging the inevitable leap I wanted to take

★ Yearning to find my voice, purpose, and message

This is the online program I wish I had: a creative space to get unstuck and trust my path - plus personalized coaching with someone who saw my potential.

This is a "YES" to putting your heart first, trusting yourself above the voice of fear, and finding the path of ease to your dreams.

We focus first on freeing up how you FEEL – so you can connect to the essence of who you were born to be.




We will do a powerful practice for healing and opening your heart, releasing the unprocessed emotions and fears that hold you back. Create a ritual for connecting with your inner wisdom, creativity, and voice.


Shift your self-doubt into self-trust. Practice hearing the nudges of your intuition. Learn the process for following the path of ease, momentum, and abundance to your dreams. Invite in synchronicity on your "Day of Flow."


Get clear on what you really want. Uncover your natural gifts and the highest vision for your life. Begin playing with your vision and the first steps, without having to plan how it all needs to unfold.


Gain confidence in your inner voice and natural expression. Create from the heart in a way that lights you up - and others will FEEL your essence. Align your heart's vision with your impact. 


Learn the powerful practice for closing the gap between you and the future 'you'. Begin thinking and feeling like the future you now - and be awed by your ability to manifest what you need for your path.


We close with a rebirthing ceremony to celebrate you, let go of what doesn't serve you, and commit to your heart's wildest dreams. This is a powerful energetic shift that will continue to call in momentum and magic for months after this program.


In each quest, you’ll receive bite-sized video trainings, journal prompts, and an exercise or practice. Watch the video. Go off into your world. Report back with any questions. I’m in your corner the whole way.


 ▹ Six modules, released weekly (Access anytime)

▹ Q&A – Ask me questions as they come up related to your journey

▹ Weekly journal prompts, exercises, resources, and tools

▹ Community - Join a private group to connect with others in the program and share support

▹ Pep talks + audios: I'll record short videos/audios in the group intuitively

▹ One 60-minute 1:1 coaching call with me - Book anytime to dive deeper into your journey [Full package]

▹ Bonus trainings: Intuitively created based on the energy of the group in the program. Trainings can include: Earning from your soul work, releasing money blocks, aligning your career with your heart, and more. [Full package]

"Ashmi is a gift of the universe. I met her in Cape Town, on a work/living retreat, and our group had this saying: “Spend 10 minutes talking with Ashmi about your objective, and she will change your life.”

And so she did for me. She helped me visualize my path on a professional level. And as the icing on the cake, I was a part of her passion project, Goddesses of Manifestation. Thanks to her contribution (and others) on the power of manifesting, I manifested my big dream: meeting and connecting with my beloved one.

The world needs Ashmi. She will bring more people home. At peace with ourselves."

~Dorine van der Wijk, Entrepreneur and Founder

You don't have to feel 100% ready. All you need is an openness to play ~ and this program WILL transform your life.

It will change how you feel and live — freely, joyfully, knowing your worth... Knowing you are limitless and unstoppable... Trusting yourself and your path above all else. I wish I could share it with the entire world.

If you have any questions, please email me at ashmi@ashmipathela.com or DM me on Instagram @ashmi.path. 

"I really wanted to get out of the rut I was in, and with just a few coaching calls and support Ashmi helped rebuild my confidence in business + life.

In a month, I manifested four business opportunities that fit what I had been asking for. I feel so much more alive and on purpose, in such a short amount of time.

I loved how creative Ashmi was, always taking new angles and solution-oriented. She’s so attentive, and honestly all the support she gave and her belief in me really helped me. I had lots of theory on personal development, and she helped me apply it. She gently challenged many of my current ways of doing things, which was awesome.

I was super surprised at how quickly I got results from coaching and I finally have some tools at my disposal which I didn’t before. I see I still have a lot more room to grow but whatever progress I made over the past few weeks was significant and I’m super grateful and confident now."



I began my career on Facebook’s early marketing team. Since then, I launched a creative agency and lifestyle brand with Randi Zuckerberg and served as Chief of Staff to the CEO at tech company.

Though these were dream jobs in many ways, I ended up burnt out and unfulfilled. I realized I’d been sprinting through life – driven by achievement, my ego, and an intense hunger for purpose. I lost my connection to my heart and intuition.

So I left Silicon Valley to travel the world...

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