To feel free, joyful, and fully expressed in your creative potential - I believe this is possible for everyone.

It is your birthright.

This is about finding your wings so you can soar to the beat of your heart, the call of your soul.

It might be one of the bravest and most transformative endeavors of your life.

I help you align with your inner compass and find the path of ease and joy to your dreams.


★ The high achiever who's tired of burning out chasing secondary dreams

★ Those who know they have a deep potential and are hungry to live their purpose with confidence

★ Those who feel stuck or suffocated in their current situation

★ Entrepreneurial hearts who have a business or ambitions they want to take to the next level

★ The dreamer who wants to manifest easily in all areas of life (love, money, career - you name it)

If this is for you, you'll know. You have a full life to live, and you don't need me. But something is calling you to boost your trajectory...

As a high achiever, I’ve pushed myself to the depths of burnout and anxiety.

I chased secondary dreams based on what I thought I “should” be doing. Though I had a great job and was successful by conventional standards, I knew I was not where my heart wanted to be.

So I left to travel the world, consulting tech founders and entrepreneurs.

But this was not the most terrifying part.

What was terrifying was this: Though I was manifesting my dreams, working remotely and living in amazing places - I could not see myself wanting to do business consulting for another 2 years, let alone 5 or more.

At one point, I thought that was my ultimate dream. And now, my heart yearned to live my full potential. And what I was doing wasn’t it.

The ‘safety net’ of the conventional career had long crumbled. The ‘safety net’ of my safe, secondary dream felt more suffocating and unstable by the day.

During my travels, I dove into a 2.5 year journey of intentional healing, growth, and transformation.

I questioned and overturned many of my belief systems. I learned how to heal my childhood traumas and release unprocessed emotions, which burst my heart wide open.

My intuition got louder. I manifested even faster.

I met the love of my life the day after I energetically shifted the final resistance and decided that I was truly ready. 

When you shift your limiting beliefs about why you can’t, or why you’re not good enough, your entire life rearranges itself to hold your new vision.

Instead of hustling, I found a process for aligning with my heart, taking each step through inspired action.

I now feel freer than I've ever felt. There’s no limit to my dreams, and I do what I love every day.

Most of all, I found a space of deep peace, freedom, and ease within myself that I wish everyone could know.

It is inside you. I know that you can live from this place of inner power.

And from that place, I believe you can create anything - beyond what you can imagine today. 

It is your birthright to live your fullest potential – not because it’s your job or purpose, but because it's the most joyful expression of who you are.

For years, I’ve helped entrepreneurs, executives, individual clients, and friends accelerate their path of purpose. They say I changed their lives, and “everything I touch is magic.”

"Ashmi is a gift of the universe. I met her in Cape Town, on a work/living retreat, and our group had this saying: “Spend 10 minutes talking with Ashmi about your objective, and she will change your life.”

And so she did for me. She helped me visualize my path on a professional level. And as the icing on the cake, I was a part of her passion project, Goddesses of Manifestation. Thanks to her contribution (and others) on the power of manifesting, I manifested my big dream: meeting and connecting with my beloved one.

I’m one of the lucky ones to be honored to call Ashmi my beloved friend for more than 2 years. In these two years, I saw how Ashmi walked her path of unraveling the layers. It’s so pure. It’s so powerful.

The following ingredients make up why Ashmi is able to help others on their path of purpose:

✦ She is walking her own path
✦ Her extraordinary sense to be connected with the true essence of people
✦ She has a gift with words and visuals
✦ Her intention to connect with the heart
✦ She is able to see and connect ‘things’

I always encouraged Ashmi to step into her full potential, and I’m beyond grateful that she is stepping in full alignment with her purpose.

The world needs Ashmi. She will bring more people home. At peace with ourselves."

~Dorine van der Wijk, Entrepreneur and Founder

Coaching is specifically tailored to you and includes (but not limited to):

✔︎ Knowing what you actually want and making quantum leaps toward it– clarity and alignment on your purpose

✔︎ Peeling the layers to claim your unique voice, self-expression, and natural gifts 

✔︎ Next-level manifestation practices for calling in abundance, love, your dream career – you name it

✔︎ A clear action plan for your business or personal branding, marketing, and growth strategy to take your ambitions to the next level – both practical and energetic steps

✔︎ Knowing your worth and embodying it – building multiple streams of income, raising your rates

✔︎ How to share your gifts in a genuine way that feels most YOU – attracting soulmate clients, friends, and communities

✔︎ Opening your heart and creating from the powerful frequency of love (this is the place of miracles and alchemy)

✔︎ How to consistently raise your energetic maximum to bring in more abundance/freedom/creativity/ease – without sabotage

✔︎ Creating a lifestyle (and vocation) of freedom based on doing what you want, when you're inspired – setting boundaries and making your own rules

✔︎ Learning how to trust your intuition, surrender, and open to inspired action – creating your dreams with more ease, less hustle

✔︎ A mirror for your blind spots and sounding board for advice & encouragement

✔︎ Processes for tapping into your unlimited potential and creativity – living with a forever-expanding abundance mindset for all that you can BE

✔︎ Intention-setting, rituals, & ceremony – nourishing yourself and your vision

✔︎ Access to everything I know about the above and more, combining tens of thousands of hours studying and applying personal growth modalities and 10 years growing businesses and startups

My goal is to break it down simply so you can keep making quantum leaps the rest of your life.

Every time I hired a business or life coach, I quantum leaped to the next level. They helped me avoid taking more "detours" in life - but more than that, my investment in myself was like a big flashing sign to the universe… I am ready. Bring it on. And it did.


🍀Four 60 minute sessions per month (You book in based on your schedule. You can bunch them together if you’re going on vacation, or have them once per week.)

🍀Unlimited text / WhatsApp support

🍀Bonus Business Deep Dive: An extra jam session to create a clear, aligned action plan for your business or personal branding, marketing, and growth strategy. ($5000 value - what I normally charge my business clients)

🍀Bonus Resources: Anything I can think of to help you, including books, websites, videos, guided meditations, trainings, journal prompts, transformational exercises, etc.

🍀Access to all my practices, processes, and tools for creativity, manifestation, and business. And a few surprises from my heart.

I hold space for a handful of clients at a time. If this calls you, I wouldn't wait.

★If you're ready to step into your power, find your voice, and shine your unique light across the world – take a deep breath. And set an intention for what this investment will mean to you.★ 

If you have any questions, please email me at 

"I contacted Ashmi on Instagram asking her if she did coaching calls. I really wanted to get out of the rut I was in. I was pretty deep into victim mentality, and with just a few calls and support Ashmi helped rebuild my confidence in business + life.

In a month, I manifested four business opportunities that fit what I had been asking for. I feel so much more alive and on purpose, in such a short amount of time.

I loved how creative Ashmi was, always taking new angles and solution-oriented. She’s so attentive, and honestly all the support she gave and her belief in me really helped me. I had lots of theory on personal development, and she helped me apply it. She gently challenged many of my current ways of doing things, which was awesome.

I was super surprised at how quickly I got results from coaching and I finally have some tools at my disposal which I didn’t before. I see I still have a lot more room to grow but whatever progress I made over the past few weeks was significant and I’m super grateful and confident now."


"As a psychiatrist, I have found myself sharing Ashmi's concepts and advice from her writings with my own patients. She has a unique ability to step back and view things in a larger context, walking through difficult and often nebulous concepts and distill them down, making them actionable.

As a physician, I was trained to understand the biological underpinnings of health and disease. Through my experience as an integrative practitioner, I know the importance of balancing the biological with the spiritual on our individual and collective journeys toward wellbeing. Ashmi approaches her life work through a similar lens – she understands the vital importance of this balance, incorporating both spiritual understandings while always maintaining a state that is grounded in the here and now.

I have known Ashmi for over two years, both of us meeting during a transitional time in our lives. She has been actively engaged in her own spiritual and self growth journey for years, and I've witnessed her fully commit to seeing through the changes she wanted to manifest in her life.  Although we live halfway around the world, we actively keep in touch and I always leave our discussions with new ideas and inspiration for how to further my growth. Although I haven't done formal coaching with Ashmi, I feel that coaching is an extension of herself – she's a genuinely passionate and humble individual who is committed to guiding others who seek a similar path of self-discovery."

~Bhupi Chima, MD


I began my career on Facebook’s early marketing team. Since then, I launched a creative agency and lifestyle brand with Randi Zuckerberg and served as Chief of Staff to the CEO at tech company.

Though these were dream jobs in many ways, I ended up burnt out and unfulfilled. I realized I’d been sprinting through life – driven by achievement, my ego, and an intense hunger for purpose. I lost my connection to my heart and intuition.

So I left Silicon Valley to travel the world...

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