"A masterpiece... Pure medicine... A book for our time."

"I’m just 16 pages in and I’m bawling my eyes out..."

"This is so beautiful, so powerful.. I feel it deeply. I feel like you were speaking directly to me." - Jo

"I couldn’t put it down!!! Omg!!!"

"WOAH.. just read the manuscript and holy! A book for our time… words that speak to your soul, awaken your heart and activate you at a cellular level! CANNOT WAIT to get my copy!" - Anita

"OMG!!! I just finished reading your book. Amazing isn’t even the word to describe it. No words can describe it because it is a feeling from the depths of my soul. It spoke to me in volumes beyond what my logical mind could understand, I could barely read the words through my tears because it resonated with me 1000%!!!!"

"I had the feeling earlier this year, what if I came to Earth as a volunteer to assist humanity? Well, your insights affirmed this and my response to your words confirmed to me that this is my truth. There’s no other explanation for my tears and pounding heart when I read your words. Thank u thank u soul sister for all that you are and assisting me in remembering who I truly am." - Jo

"This is a masterpiece. Pure medicine. It speaks to and moves a part of me - my soul - in the way it most craves."

"Ashmi - anyone who has ever met you, heard your voice, been in some way in your presence feels your breathtaking, heart-opening beauty. This book you’ve birthed is like the most beautifully packaged gift of your soul’s truth, love and light that I could possibly imagine. The first time I read it, I read it out-loud and paused at so many points — simply to thank you and sit in awe and resonance as your words sunk into my own heart like a familiar lullaby that I forgot I once knew. Thank you for continuing to step into your mission in such a bold way — your service to others, including me, is absolutely life-changing." - Regina

"When I opened this book and touched the pages, it vibrated. The energy coming off these pages is unbelievable."

"Ashmi, you are truly a gifted artist and channeler of light. I felt it!! I vibrated when I touched the pages. Your paintings have so much cosmic divine energy within them, and the fact that it was captured in the printed pages was so incredible!! I haven't even read it yet, but it feels purely channeled." - JC Kay

"I love love love your book… it is a heartspark classic - on its way to activate and fire up any soul. If there is a book that artfully describes the words your own soul wants to communicate with you, this is it!"

"These words will find a way to the hearts that seek it. In today’s age, if you want to know what awakening truly is, it is this - the heart of humanity!! A must read! I love the words, I love the art. I envision the book will reach far and wide… knowing heart reaches heart." - Sumeet

"This book will go viral. It will make the reader want to share it with everyone they know. I want your signed copies to give as a gift to each relative and friend!"

"It was heartfelt and PERFECT! It was like I was meditating while reading. It’s a book I’d like to re-read again and again. Very unlike other books!" - Vivek

"Omg I loooove your book!!! It’s so flowing to read! 😭 Can’t wait for you to put it out into the world."

"You are such an amazing light and soul! So excited for you to share with the world and can’t wait to order my signed copies! Thank you for following your heart and doing the work." - Bhupi

"Wow. It brought me to tears in the most heartfelt, beautiful, deep way."

"The whole thing was so, so powerful… It's something I can't put into words. This book holds such a potent, magical vibration." - Sarah

"There are rare books that shift your frequency and state of being. This is one of them."

"It is such a heart-opener!! A direct activation for the soul, and once you read it you will be changed." - Aaron

"This book is a welcome addition to the spiritual literature in the world. I believe it will speak to a new generation of spiritual seekers, as it is fresh, relevant to current events, and born from a brave spirit."

"I loved it. You speak from a place of wisdom, as one who has experienced and is living from her true nature. This book pays homage to the indwelling God of love in all of us, and that is us.

I love your artwork, and I love how you interspersed it between the pages of prose in the book. You capture in visual form what you explain in words. The love is palpable in both the written words and the art.

May this book be well received and appreciated, and may you continue to add to the beauty of the world." - Deborah

"You truly have a way with words. Soo much light and joy you are sharing with the world."

"It was very easy to read and had me pondering and dreaming away. Many blessings and sending it much power as this circles the world." - Chrissy

"This book is Ashmi’s greatest art piece, her masterpiece. Her heart’s greatest manifestation."

"I have never seen anyone give so much of their heart and soul to something they love as a creative expression. This isn’t just her artwork, it is the magic of her soul infused onto every page of this magnificent creation. It is a culmination of her journey and reflections of the world… to give others courage, letting them know that they are not alone, and together we can create heaven on Earth." - Joel (Ashmi's partner)

"So amazing what you have put together. It is powerful and perfect for this time of global awakening."

"This book will speak to everyone, especially when the whole world awakens. If you are already aware of the awakening, every word will hit you deeply. And if you are not, it still has such a powerful and inspiring message that speaks to your heart. And later on, you will read it again and experience it in a brand new way." - Chri